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Tea Trail No 1

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In Tea Trails No 1 by Ellizabeth Darcy Jones a baker’s dozen of favourite Distinguished Tea Places are poetically described with prose highlighting local hidden treasures. Useful information, i.e. whether dog-friendly or offering gluten-free options, are also included

Updates will be posted twice weekly on Elizabeth' blog

Elizabeth is known professionally as 'Britain's Tea Poet' - that's someone who writes poetically about tea. Others just refer to her 'the tea lady' who is re-igniting a centuries old tradition of writing poetically about tea, and sharing this lovely title with Anne Norman aka Camellia Cha who is 'Australia's Tea Poet'. Just two Tea Poets gracing the planet as far we know

Like tea can do, her aim is to communicate in ways that touch, inspire and sustain. In small sips and s l o w l y... It's time for us to catch our breath and pause. Life is just waiting there to be appreciated in all its magnificent guises

Elizabeth describes herself as a tribeless poet - by that she means bagging people into categories doesn't seem to her to honour the only tribe we all belong to: humanity

Her readers are her inspiration (apart from her tea)! Everyone is special in some way.  She works out of 'The Poet's Place' her writer's retreat - a permanent caravan near Bromyard in Herefordshire in England, overlooking Elgar's beautiful Malvern Hills. I'm a poet and writer first and foremost but quite a lot else beside! Being a life and voice coach and inspirational speaker to the business community gives great joy. I'm used to living in very small spaces too, having been one of the residents of London's famous broom cupboard called 'The Hat Box' near Harrods in Knightsbridge which measures less than the minimum dimensions of a prison cell!