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Only When I Eat - Hope at Last

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                                "Logic will get you from A to B, ...

                             Imagination will take you everywhere"

                                                        Albert Einstein

                     Only When I Eat: Hope at Last

                           was based on research carried out by the late June Rogers 

June was a biochemist and a long-standing Life Member of the UK Vegetarian Society.  She was also the Hon Treasurer of that Society's Research Committee for a number of years until the Research Committee was disbanded

                                         A Tinnitus Breakthrough?

                     Only When I Eat: Hope at Last

                                                        ISBN No. 095 1076906

Only When I Eat was the break through book on tinnitus and diet.  Written by June Rogers it had begun as a detailed observation of the fluctuations of her own tinnitus 

Eventually June came to the conclusion that those. like herself,  suffering with tinnitus were most likely to be able to relieve the symptoms of their tinnitus simply by adjusting their diet

Only When I Eat: Hope at Last was June's way of sharing the knowledge that diet change can influence both the fluctuations and the intensity of the tinnitus noises. In her own case she persevered until the illness was reversed

June differentiated between those who suffer with tinnitus, and those who have Meniere's Disease (tinnitus type noises and hissing in the ears, but combined with serious loss of balance) 

She excluded from her follow up research those who were unfortunate enough to have suffered serious physical damage to their ears - eg a blow to the head, or lightening strike survivors.  That she reasoned was ear damage

Lastly she learnt about side effects of medication that can result in tinnitus type noises being heard by the patient

Has your Tinnitus been cured - through changes to your diet or otherwise?  If any vegan, or anyone following an orthodox Jewish diet, which is obviously not vegetarian, suffers from tinnitus we'd love to hear from you

A follow up to Only When I Eat is in preparation at Ki Publishing Co-operative