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English Language and Forthcoming Hindi edition of Journey To Self by Margaret Dempsey

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Margaret Dempsey shares an account of her spiritual journey with essays on insights she gained along the way.

We follow her from a catholic boarding school to her introduction to Buddhism. A trip to India her first mild kundalini experience followed by a stronger experience during a meditation retreat. Then a second trip to India and her involvement with practicing and teaching Kundulani Yoga, mainly around Brighton. 

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Margaret also shares the most important things she has learned on her journey.  She talks of challenges, doubts and confusion and stresses, you don't have to be special to follow a path to enlightenment.
This is a record of one woman's spiritual journey through elation and despair. A journey of spiritual transformation, a path that is as real today as it was in the days of the great mystics and saints. 

An experience broadly similar to Margaret's is discussed by Vanessa Graham in The Hidden Path, by Oshadi Publishers.

There has recently been a veritable explosion of books purporting to validate this or that spiritual awakening. At best most of this literature witnesses merely to the spiritual rootlessness endemic to our time; at worst it’s merely to the ego inflation of the author. What makes Margaret’s book different is the author's honesty and humility. Without any reliable teacher to guide her, she demonstrates an extraordinary knack for distinguishing teachings which challenge the ego from those which merely sooth it.

Jeremy Cranswick (Gnosticism, Christianity, Theosophy & Classical Antiquity)


January 2010: Spring: Book Review in UK new-age magazine,  Paradigm Shift.  www.paradigmshift.info