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Distinguished Leaves - Poems for Tea-Lovers

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Darcy Jones wrote the book Distinguished Leaves as a personal primer to consolidate tea and the 'Stephen Fry School of Form' (she used his book The Ode Less Travelled as a text book). The result is a unique and entertaining way to learn about different teas, absorbing a wide variety of rhyming schemes and forms in the process

With appeal to the novice loose leaf tea lover to the expert (who will no doubt still find some new "showcased) the book is helpfully divided into chapters about each 'colour' of tea, from white to black.  A prose introduction to each section highlights relevant tips and as well as the foreword by Buddist nun Dechi Palmo describes how she makes her morning tea and the tea world's darling,' Tim D'Offay, 'provides encouragement to let the leaves go loose and start discovering which has such universal appeal

For those reading beween the lines, comes a sense of the synchronicity of life - what Darcy Jones calls 'serendipitea' and the peace and wellbeing of engaging all the senses in the present moment. As the author quotes, 'Tea puts a cup of now in your hands...'

'Serendipitea' not only bought Distinguished Leaves to Jacyntha Crawley's attention but in innumerable other ways seems to confirm that 'Fortune Favours the Tea' (title of the introductory piece charting the history of tea from its origins in the East to its successful production in the West of England!)

Perhaps the most evident is how the foreword came to be written by one of the UK's most charming silver-haired actors - Nigel Havers. Darcy Jones confesses she had stuck a newspaper cutting depicting the actor on a 'vision board' when mentally envisioning the qualities she intended seeing embodied in a future partner. She found herself describing Earl Grey as 'such a Nigel Havers of a tea...' On a whim, she sent a copy of the poem to the actor, care of a well known soap drama in which he'd starred, asking if he'd consider providing a one line quote for the back cover of the book. At that time there was no book, or publishing deal! Havers was charmed, agreed to write a foreword and no doubt this was in some part instrumental in Darcy Jones then winning a publishing deal

The author regularly talks about 'serendipitea' as a natural phenomenon and what seems to block it!

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Britain's Got A Tea Poet
Thursday 25th August 2011 Reviving a centuries old tradition of writing poetically about tea, Elizabeth Darcy Jones' delightful and often seductive verse is catching attention across the world. Her book, ‘Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea-lovers’ boasts a foreword by Nigel Havers, is the start of a series and looks rather like an adult Beatrix Potter. It costs £7.99, is published by Quiller Press and when bought direct from the author it comes with a free bookmark carrying her verse, ‘Ode to a Distinguished Leaf’. You can also ask for it to be signed with a personal message - www.distinguishedleaves.com The book will be in the shops in late September. Elizabeth is also touring the country until Christmas with a one woman tea-related show, ‘Dong Ding! Let the Kettle Sing!’ raising funds for Samaritan branches along the way - visit www.teapoet.com to see when she’s in your area. If you want a private recital she hosts Afternoon Tea at The Chesterfield Hotel on the first Thursday of every month when you can enjoy fifteen minutes of ‘poetea’ - poems about tea. ‘With these fun, accessible poems Elizabeth Darcy Jones brings the characters of different teas to life and will have you at your teapot brewing up a tea you’ve never tried before.’ Lorraine Mariner, Curator, The Poetry Library and Editor of Candlestick Press’s ‘Ten Poems about Tea’ You can view the original at http://www.tea.co.uk/news/Britains-got-a-Tea-Poet
Submitted on: 19/06/2014
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