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  • The Battle of Waterloo - a Foregone Conclusion

    The Battle of Waterloo - a Foregone Conclusion

    As a scientist, the author, Professor A.J. (Tony) Pointon's training is to test theories, not against how many times they have been repeated, or against the eminence of those repeating them, but against hard logic and hard facts

    Tony Pointon, a former Director of Research at the University of Portsmouth, has applied his love of problem-solving across a range from science to chess; from politics to legal cases; from investigating whether his boyhood hero from Stratford really was the great playwright Shakespeare, (as set out in his first book) to ensuring that a statue of Charles Dickens, (the hero of his next book), now stands in Portsmouth, city of his birth, and which nobody thought would happen

    In "The Battle of Waterloo - a Foregone Conclusion" Professor Pointon sets out to show that, regardless of contemporary propaganda, the Battle of Waterloo was not a "near run thing" as was widely believed at the time, but a victory that was totally inevitable

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    Product Details
    ISBN: 978-1-898594-92-5
    Date published: 10th October 2015
    Parapress, Tunbridge Wells: www.parapresspublishing.co.uk
    Size: 210 x 150mm
    Weight 390g

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  • The Man Who Never Was Shakespeare:

    The Man Who Never Was Shakespeare:

    The Man Who Never Was Shakespeare:
    The theft of William Shakspere's Identity
    A.J. (Tony) Pointon (Professor)

    Was William Shakspere, a successful ... businessman and minor actor from Stratford-upon-Avon, THE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, one of the greatest writers of all time?

    There is no doubt that there was a man from Stratford who lived, had children and died under the name of William Shakspere, but was his identity
    "stolen" to hide the real identify of William Shakespeare the writer?

    There are excellent Reviews of this book on Amazon.com and on the author's page on Good Reads. In 2011 this book was reviewed as one of the top 10 books
    of 2011 by The Wall Street Journal

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    Product Details:

    Paperback, 304 pages
    Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 16 x 23.4 cm
    Weight: 528g
    Illustrated: 16 b&w throughout
    First published August 1st 2011 by Parapress
    ISBN 10: 1898594880
    ISBN 13: 9781898594888
    Language: English