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Biorhythm Products

Life can be much simpler if you are aware of the days when you, and others, are less receptive or more accident prone.  An improved quality of life can be achieved simply through the awareness of the cycles that affect your physical, mental and emotional ups and downs. 


  • The Biorhythm Kit

    The Biorhythm Kit

    Have you ever noticed that on some days you don't get anything right, while on others everything goes swimmingly well? Use the biorhythm wheel and the biorhythm book coontained in The Biorhythm Kit to work out your own body cycles and manage your life more effectively

    Full instructions are given on how to use the biorhythm wheel to chart your own biorhythms, as well as the biorhythms of others. Then simply display them for any year from birthday to birthday using our practical and easy-to-use biorhythm wheel


    R.R.P.: £17.99

  • Biorhythm Program for Windows

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    Download this program that displays biorhythms and biorhythm compatability between any 2 people.