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We have known Loto Perrella, author of Candidiasis (Salud y Vida Natural) and many other Spanish books we sell, for many years. She is an experienced, intelligent, naturally blunt complementary therapist, and as she herself says

"I am not willing to say that something is white when I think it is black... if others can not take some criticism, too bad for them ... but I always ask: do I say anything untrue? If I don't, then it must go on. I am fed up, and upset, and disgusted at seeing almost everyday patients who have been ill for years on end, and have spent lots of money, and they have been told that "it was all in their head", when they could be cured ... "

This does not mean that Loto is always right, although in our experience she usually has been!

But, from the view point of our readers, as Loto is not setting out to sell you a major product, but rather more hoping you will open your mind and begin to think independently and, if necessary, carry on to "think outside the box", it might just be worth considering what she has to say?

It is because of her insight and translating skills that we first collaborated with Ediciones Obelisco, in Barcelona, and then went on to broaden our Spanish contacts, and the range of Spanish books we sell

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